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[ONLY A FANFIC] Hisstory (Part 1)


Author: iscreamout

Genre: roamance, angst

Rating: pg13

Warning: Language. Lack of grammar and vocab.

Summary: it is a story after everyhting was solved but undone. It is his story. It is history.

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#iscreamoutontwitter @51AHky and @riska_2904

WARNING: it’s a long fic and it’s contain a disband of TVXQ. It’s so ANGST for me. I can’t help to write it but I really want to post it so I WARNED YOU.


“After 5 years disbanding finally Jung Yunho or we also known as UKnow Yunho is going to tell us about his story. Stay with us on KPOP Disaster exclusive with Jung Yunho”


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The Other Day

Greetings from author:

This is supposed to be a valentine fic, but yeah with the same reason, I’m affraid that I can’t be online that day so I post it now. Besides I don’t want something bad happen that caused me couldn’t post this fics.

I’m sorry for the little angst, I’m in the mood of angst these days. Oh and this fic has flashbacks everytime, the italic words is flashback. Hope you don’t get confuse.

This fic is dedicated for Jung Yunho and Kim Jaejoong.

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The Other Day

Author: Iscreamout

Warning: Language. Lack of vocab and grammar. Characters death. Happy ending? You decide it yourself... I don’t know either. ^^

Summary: it's about Yunjae today, and yesterday.



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P.S : sorry for any grammar mistakes. Sorry for make a death fic like this.

Hope you would comment. Please leave a comment.


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Thank you for reading. Happy valentine^^

Mu Only Hope

Words from the Author:

This is the Jaejoong’s side from My Only Wish.


It's early, I know... but I'm affraid that I can't online on Jan 26th, I have test.

Wish everything will be just fine, Jaejoong-ssi.

Dedicated for Kim Jaejoong. @mjjeje on twitter.

With love,

@51AHky and @riska_2904



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My Only Wish

Greeting from Author:

Okay, actually this is NOT what I prepared for Jaejoong’s birthday. I have wrote another fic and it’s loooong and finished loooong time ago but... there is a but here... my mother kill my computer. I mean it. She KILLED the computer. She pulled out all the cable and I HAVEN’T COPIED THE FIC YET!!!

Sooo.... I made this very very very depressive fic! I mean... not the fic that depressive or angst, but it’s me. The writer. (guess who am I? Agent A or B?)

Enjoy and comment. At least say something. Anything. Everything.


My Only Wish.

Author : Iscreamout

Warning: Language. Lack of vocab and grammars.

One Shot Short.



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Writer's Block: Time after time

If you fall in love with a book or movie, do you tend to watch/read it again and again? If so, what's your upper limit on repeats?

no limit as long as the writer is TVXQ (yunjaeyoosumin) n as long as the cast is yunjaeyoosumin

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